OhBoy! magazine May 2010 'T-Shirt' special issue _ T-Shirt on the Street

석우오빠 yourboyhood 블로그보다가!
nike 빨강이 티셔츠 입고 이년전쯤 찍은듯한 기억의 사진이.


Lactose Intoler-Art said...

Hello again! How are you? I LOVE your blog! I featured you a few months ago on my blog, "Lactose Intoler-Art." I wanted you to know that I am coming to Seoul. I am very happy to visit Korea! Please let me know where I can find your brand. Thanks!


Hajung said...

thank you for visiting Korea
our shop is in 'flow' which is located in sin sa-dong.
online shop : www.vivah-shop.com
thank you ^^

Hajung said...

pls contact me when u come Korea.!

Sarahrgrj said...

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